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KDS Cargo and Syngenta Vegetable Seeds: a partnership of more than 15 years

For more than 15 years, KDS Cargo has been responsible for the worldwide transport of smaller vegetable seeds of Syngenta to the main destinations in i.e. Chili, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco.

In today's market, there is an increased focus on quality. Since these smaller vegetable seeds are product specific, they must be stored in a conditioned area where humidity control is of great importance, especially when the seeds are not packaged yet. On top of that, nearly all import shipments have to be inspected by a regulatory body. Our experienced team of specialists ensures that all criteria are met in order to guarantee the stipulated delivery times.

Our long lasting business relationship with Syngenta is based on our ability to offer the most efficient logistic solutions, short communication lines and overall quality of our services and expertise.

We look forward to supporting Syngenta in their quest to meet the demand for food security. For more information, check here.

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