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International Freightterminology

Term Meaning
AAR Against All Risks.
ADR International rules for transport of dangerous goods by road.
AEO Authorized Economic Operator.
AES Automated Export System.
AOG Aircraft On Ground. Typing for urgent shipments in the aerospace industry.
AR All Risks.
ATA Carnet Carnet Oouane warranty document for temporary import or export of goods without payment of import duties. Widely used in several border crossings.
AWB Airwaybill. Air Waybill.
B / L Bill of Lading. Freight Document for sea freight shipments.
BAF / BUC / IFP Bunker Adjustment Factor. Surcharge or discount on the ocean freight rate following Barge Lighter or barge for short distances.
Barge Lighter or barge for short distances.
Breakbulk Not containerized transport. Transport via conventional ships or Ro / Ro vessels [Roll On / Roll Off].
CAD Cash Against Documents. Receipt documents against payment.
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor. Surcharge or discount on the ocean freight rate in response to fluctuating currency rates.
CAO Cargo Aircraft Only. Characteristic for dangerous goods freight which only cargo planes loaded may be.
TIR International customs document for road transport.
Carrier Company which performs physical transport.
CASS Cargo Accounts Settlement System.
CC Charges Collect.
CCA Charges Correction Advice. Costs correction.
CFS / CY Container Freight Station / Container Yard. Container laad-/losstation.
Chargeable Weight The largest number of actual or volumetric weight. Thus, if the volume weight is greater than the actual weight is that the chargeable weight.
CMR CMR is an international convention on cross-border road transport. The acronym stands for CMR Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route (Convention for the International Carriage of Goods by Road). The CMR is applicable to all road transport to or from a country connected to the convention.
COD Cash On Delivery. Cash payment upon receipt of goods.
Collect Freight charges will be paid by the recipient.
Congestion Surcharge Surcharge on the ocean freight rate for demurrage if the vessel at the quayside longer stays.
CSC Container Service Charge. See THC.
Demurrage Redundancy for containers in the port remain after arrival.
Detention Charges for late return of the unloaded container to the shipping company.
DGR Dangerous Goods Regulations. Air Rules for dangerous goods.
DIP Air Display for diplomatic cargo (post).
EFTA European Free Trade Area.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival. Expected arrival date / time.
ETD Estimated Time of Departure. Expected departure date / time.
FCL Full Container Load. Full container load.
FCL / FCL Full container of a shipper to a receiver.
FCL / LCL Full container from a shipper to multiple recipients.
FCR FIATA Forwarders Certificate of Receipt. Official Receipt. published by 
forwarding companies. in addition to the receipt signed shipping documents.
FCT FIATA Forwarders Certificate of Transport. Official document authorizing the agent the obligation to deliver the goods received to assume.
Feeder Service Service Ocean Freight Service between large / major ports and small / local ports.
FEU Fourty feet Equivalent Unit. 40 Foot container.
Fiscal Representation Fiscal Representation. Situation where an EC shipper within the EC a partner designates behalf the import VAT administration follows.
FIO Free In and Out. Costs for stuffing and stripping of the container is in the ocean freight rate.
FTL Full Trailer Load. Fully loaded truck.
Fuel Surcharge Fuel Surcharge per kg of cargo. calculated over the actual shipment weight.
GDP Good Distribution Practices. Quality standard for pharma logistics.
Groupage Collection of consignments of various clients and send them together, so the shippers a cost advantage.
Gross Weight Gross Weight ..
HAWB House Airwaybill. Own child. lading to the shipper.
IATA International Air Transport Association. Umbrella organization for the aviation industry.
INTRASTAT Trade statistics for intra-Community trade.
IMDG International code. to regulate dangerous substances by sea by the IMO.
IMO International Maritime Organization.
Incoterms 2000 International trade specifications, rules for international trade conditions to interpret.
ISPS International Ship and Port Security surcharge.
L / C Letter of Credit.
LCL Less Container Load. Part of a Cargo Container lgroupagel.
LCL / FCL Container with various shippers and receiver.
LCL / LCL Part Load CFS to CFS.
LTL Less Trailer Load. Part of a truckload.
MAWB Master Airwaybill. Main Waybill.
M / M Minimum freight charges.
NCTS For the electronic transit declaration used the Customs Transit System. fully the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS).
NVOCC Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. Situation where an agent acts as a carrier by sea without their own ships.
Payload Maximum permissible loading weight in a transport unit (container, truck or airplane).
BY Air Display for perishable cargo.
Prepaid Freight costs are paid by the shipper.
Ro / Ro Roll on / Roll off. Situation in which the loading units themselves on and off the ship (eg cars).
Sea waybill / Express BL Seafreight Letter which no originals issued. not negotiable as a Bill of Lading. Is used for the delivery process to accelerate and facilitate. Is not everywhere geaccpeteerd.
TACT The Air Cargo Tariff. Overview prepared by IATA airfreight rates at which the master airway bill should appear.
TEU Rently Twenty Equivalent Unit. 20 foot container. ISO Unit.
THC Terminal Handling Charges. The port costs charged for the receipt or delivery of the container and deliver or unload the ship.
T2L Oouanedocument to the Community origin of goods to interpret. Used for shipments from EU countries to countries that are members of the EU but not of the EU.
ULD Unit Load Device. Air Container. 
UN number The identification or UN number is a four-digit number that identifies a hazardous substance during transport.
VAL Air Display for valuable.
VAT Value Added Tax. VAT.
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