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Customs brokerage

KDS Cargo offers a wide range of customs services to its customers. KDS Cargo is a customs-approved agent holding the AEO certificate. This certificate is granted only to very reliable companies by customs authorities, and provides us with priority handling. This permits faster clearance and fewer customs inspections, so your shipment can be ready for dispatch more quickly.

The declaration of import shipments and export shipments is supported by our automated system which communicates using EDI with customs. We have a customs bonded warehouse in which customs goods can be stored or transshipped.

KDS Cargo has a team of experienced and highly trained customs specialists. This team ensures that your shipment will pass securely through customs.

KDS Cargo has paid a financial deposit to the customs authorities. Because of the deposit, the customs authorities consider the applicable taxes and duties of incoming shipments as directly paid.  Therefore, after the confirmation of entry, your goods are immediately available for inland transport and delivery.

KDS Cargo, the freight forwarder par excellence for:

  • Personal contact during declaration
  • Speedy and competent customs clearance
  • Entry declarations (based on direct representation)
  • Exit declarations (based on direct representation)
  • Temporary entry declarations
  • Temporary exit declarations
  • Customs storage
  • NCTS preparation / transit documents
  • Guidance during customs physical inspections / visitations
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